INDIGENOUS SOVEREIGNTY:Help elect the FIRST Indigenous mayor in US history. Fight for Ohlone recognition. The time for real change, truth, & justice is NOW.

POLICE VIOLENCE:The issues facing us include racial profiling, police murder & brutality, & more. Our campaign is the only one with a comprehensive police violence platform and set of solutions.

MOTHER EARTH: End the city of Berkeley's partnership with polluters like BP and surveillance companies with oil industry clientele: the future of our planet is at stake.

UC CORRUPTION:The regents line their pockets with extra cash while fees are drastically hiked. UC-affiliated corporations have dominated city politics for too long & the position of mayor is critical to change this.

COMMUNITY: Jobs, public housing, bicycle exchanges, public transportation, support for small businesses, public parks, renewable energy, & more - the REAL CHANGE Berkeley needs now more than ever!

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ELECTION FRAUD: For two decades Berkeley has been plagued by election fraud in the mayoral race; Runningwolf is the ONLY candidate who has consistently spoken out against this.