SEE ALSO: 2016 PLATFORM for more detail, plans, & policies!

With California’s 99% Genocide of Indigenous Peoples, vote for Berkeley’s FIRST Indigenous Mayor Pikuni/Blackfeet Elder Zachary RunningWolf. Want free Housing, Health Care, Education, Clean Water, Energy, & Food? Reparations and Decolonization are the answer. Ohlone Sovereignty means Natural Law enforcement and societal wealth distribution in accordance with Indigenous Principles. All basic needs could be met with ending the hoarding of wealth. RunningWolf supports Black Lives Matter and affirms that Red Lives are Sacred - abolish the colonial prisons & police!

Indigenous Land Management has been scientifically proven NECESSARY to end the Climate Emergency. This marks the 11th Year of RunningWolf’s Stop Driving Global Warming Boycott. Car Driving is Berkeley's #1 Source of CO2 & Air Pollution too, with a proven 50%+ association with COVID-19 mortality & transmission.

RunningWolf's solution to COVID-19 has been adopted INTERNATIONALLY but is opposed by Trump due to his strong ties to the Auto Industry. Even Oakland's Libby Schaff took this solution, applied it in Oakland, & promoted it on National Television - while her Police Department targets RunningWolf to interfere in Berkeley's Election. ​For small businesses, RunningWolf's 2016 proposal of bringing vendors out into the streets is more relevant than ever. When combined with social distancing and masking, this is a safe and effective way of protecting public health & safety while ensuring that Berkeley's historic small businesses remain viable.

RunningWolf promises to establish free bicycle lending libraries, renewable energy & transit systems, and abundant organic gardens. 

AND FINALLY, The UC Regents will be brought to Justice for:

* Colluding with developers to defraud students and residents with rising rent and hiding $175 million in UC Slush Fund Accounts while raising fees 

* Funding ECOCIDE via investments in big banks, arms dealers, and Israeli Apartheid

* The UC’s ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Genocide & Cover-Up, which the Nordic Nuclear Industry warns will kill more than 1 million people  eating radioactive seafood.