The Dome

     The extent of the UC's involvement in U.S. Nuclear Weapons development is overwhelming. The institution designed the "core physical package" of every warhead in the U.S. arsenal, without exception.[1] And the UC-run national labs also played a pivotal role in the nuclear weapons tests conducted by the military, as the scientific branch of the experiments responsible for processing the information gleaned and reincorporating it into the next generation of weapons. These nuclear weapons tests were conducted on Native lands, without their informed consent. Where permission may have been granted, the peoples whose lands were nuked were deliberately lied to about the consequences of radioactive fallout and have been suffering from various ailments as a consequence ever since.

     One of the most iconic examples of this nuclear colonial violence is the fallout left by the US-UC weapons tests on the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. A new documentary has recently been released about its legacy, which RunningWolf's campaign strongly recommends watching due to the importance of this pivotal issue.[2] These Native Peoples are at the crossroads of the devastation wrought by nuclear weapons and global warming alike, as their homeland is threatened by rising sea levels. Their story is thus a powerful reminder of the urgent need to act on both issues.

     Just as with the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, the UC is deeply involved in the cover-up of this nuclear violence. In the case of "The Dome" - a faulty solution threatening these native islands and the pacific ocean with massive radiation releases - the UC-managed LLNL is once again at the forefront of the cover-up, having released a 2013 report claiming that there is nothing really to worry about.[3] But nuclear colonial powers - like all colonial powers - will inevitably fall. It is only a matter of time.