With the hottest 16 months on record 16 months in a row this campaign recognizes that we are in a state of emergency with respect to global climate change. There are already millions of climate refugees and this number will only continue to grow.

     Now more than ever it is crucial that we recognize our complicity in the fossil fuel economy and actively take measures to decrease our own carbon footprint. For this reason the 4-day stop driving campaign spearheaded by Runningwolf has now become a monthly event, to take place on the 11th-14th of every month.

     Making this commitment to use bicycles, public transportation, or other alternatives will help us transition to sustainable living for the 7 generations after us and the future of the planet. As the Hopi prophecy tells us we have the power to change the course we are on if we follow the laws of the Creator. Aho!

Stop Driving: 4 Day Boycott