In Memory: One Year Later

     One year ago today six young men and women passed away after a balcony collapsed at an apartment in Berkeley. Zachary Runningwolf and his campaign offer our condolences to their families, in rememberance of what happened.

     It soon became clear that this tragedy was caused by the negligence and carelessness of the building's managers and owners. The victim's families and several others who were injured have filed suit, aiming to bring to light the cause of what took place.[1] Numerous complaints indicating structural issues with the balcony dating back to a year before the collapse took place were repeatedly ignored.[2]

     Runningwolf has been a vocal proponent for shining light on the causes behind this tragedy from the moment he knew it occured. His campaign aims to tackle the root issue of corporate malfeasance as it pertains to housing, and in general.

     We support the creation of a permanent memorial for the deceased: Niccolai Schuster, Eoghan Culligan, Eimear Walsh, Olivia Burke, Ashley Donohoe, and Lorcan Miller. May they rest in peace.