The famous philosophical question: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" has a special resonance for RunningWolf and the Tuk Pikuni (Tree People). And as fate would have it, it appears that the origin of this question lies - in its most basic form - with Berkeley's namesake, philosopher George Berkeley. In his view, trees are "objects" which exist "no longer than while there is somebody by to perceive them."[1]​ In reality, trees are actually highly intelligent creatures which have feelings and can form meaningful relationships with many life forms, including other trees.[2]  The managers of the University which most famously bears Berkeley's name seem to have decisively sided with Berkeley's worldview, acting like trees are nothing more than objects which they can mercilessly "dispose of" at their will. Most recently, they have done so in the iconic Muwekma/People's Park, killing 42 trees in the dead of night (@ 4 am)[3]. The University's record of having killed tens of thousands of trees throughout the Bay Area during the last decade alone is clearly not enough, and so its ecocidal destruction of these carbon sequestering allies in the struggle against global warming continues to this day.[4]

     The flip side of this saying is the question of silence, and the anthropocentric perspective also reflects an oppressive censorship which presumes that keeping people from hearing a tree fall is like making it as though it never happened. And when it comes to the Tree People's Leader Zachary RunningWolf, this is certainly the approach which has been taken. Ever since his 31-day incarceration during the 2016 Berkeley Mayoral Race, the media blackout of this illegal police interference in the election has been overwhelming. Facebook has outright banned him, while Twitter has suspended him without reason or notice. Numerous local outlets as well as well-known national and international "left-wing" outlets alike have refused to report on this story, despite RunningWolf's leadership in tackling the critical global problems of Fukushima radiation and Global Warming, just to name a few. Those concerned about the future and health of our Mother Earth should take note, for the forces hell-bent on continuing these assaults on Her are doing their utmost to keep RunningWolf's story and solutions out of the media.





If A Tree Falls...