O.P.D. justified RunningWolf's indefinite detention based on an outstanding warrant for “vandalism” a few days prior —targeting him for his participation in a march in soldarity with the largest nationwide strike against prison slavery in history. While incarcerated, Santa Rita Penitentiary scheduled a cell transfer at the same time as RunningWolf’s first court hearing--intentionally delaying his ability to return to freedom. RunningWolf's hearings were repeatedly delayed until he undertook a thirteen-day hunger strike and finally secured his release.

Meanwhile, Jesse Arreguin and his campaign have yet to be held accountable for breaking campaign finance laws. The campaign to elect Arreguin received more than $8,000 from a PAC funded by SEIU Local 1021, violating Berkeley's fair election laws which prohibit such contributions. Should we be surprised, then, that Arreguin was confirmed as mayor and took his oath on December 8, 2016—five weeks before the traditional confirmation in January?

Since taking office, Arreguin has repeatedly voted in favor of further police militarization: first by approving an additional armored vehicle for the B.P.D., and then by voting in favor of the wildly unpopular Urban Shield program, which was opposed by the overwhelming majority of Berkeley residents during its recent public comment period. After non-violent protestors took the stage, Arreguin fled the scene and police violently repressed the protest, beating one elderly man who had merely dropped his glasses.

Since then, Arreguin has approved emergency protest control measures for the BPD deemed unconstitutional by the National Lawyers' Guild, advising that Berkeley residents should not peacefully protest fascism then claiming to be "proud" of the thousands of people who defied him and chose to protest fascism anyway.

When a groundbreaking report presented overwhelming evidence of racial profiling by the BPD, Arreguin's Chief of Police flatly denied that there was an issue. Rather than reprimanding him for this, Arreguin has chosen to further weaponize him and his police department, granting Chief Greenwood's request to lift a twenty-year ban, and allowing BPD to use pepper spray against protestors.

Is it any surprise, given Arreguin's repeated and consistent support of police militarization, that he has remained completely silent on OPD interference in the Berkeley Election? His own campaign finance violations? Or the fact that the voting machines used by the City of Berkeley (Sequoia Voting Machines) have a proven track record of electoral fraud?

For the above stated reasons and more, RunningWolf’s campaign is calling for Jesse Arreguin to STEP DOWN!


     More than five years after the Fukushima Daiichi triple nuclear meltdown began, TEPCO - the utility which operated the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex – admitted that the company’s leadership instructed officials to conceal the triple meltdown which had taken place by describing the disaster as being far less serious.[1] But the University of California, which also had inside knowledge that the disaster was much more serious than governmental and its own public statements were letting on, has yet to apologize or admit its role in the cover-up, let alone be held accountable.[2]

     Even more concerning is that NARAC - the emergency center at the UC-managed Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) - was tasked by the Federal Government with developing dose projections for almost all of the Pacific Ocean and Turtle Island, and yet failed to warn or inform the public of the severity of its estimates that there would be "very high doses to children," including thyroid damage.[3]

     Yet in their initial public relations, the UC not only consistently downplayed the severity of the disaster in general while failing to provide these dose estimates to the public. It also falsely reported that there was “no risk to California” even though elevated levels of radiation directly traceable to Fukushima Daiichi were detected at Berkeley (and elsewhere)[4], and UC Berkeley's own data showed that radioactive iodine (which causes thyroid diseases) was present in rainwater in concentrations 181 times greater than the "safe limit" established by the EPA.[5]

     Thus, we have conclusive evidence that from the very beginning, the University of California – including UC Berkeley and LLNL – have been covering-up the extent of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster while failing to adequately warn the public of its serious health risks - including the dangers of consuming Pacific seafood.

     But this is only the beginning, and with 400 tons of radioactive water flowing into the Pacific Ocean every day, the largest recorded marine die-off in history occurring in the Pacific off the West Coast soon after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, massive radioactive contamination with serious health consequences in Japan, and 23 insecure and vulnerable Fukushima Daiichi-style American reactors still operating with up to 10x as much radioactive potential, the implications of this on-going cover-up are truly enormous.



​​***BREAKING*** UPDATE: In November 2017 Berkeley's Fair Campaign Practices Commission unanimously concluded that Arreguin's campaign accepted 18 illegal campaign donations totaling more than $3,000 - but he has YET to be held accountable.

PRESS RELEASE: On September 12, 2016, Berkeley mayoral candidate and Blackfeet Elder Zachary RunningWolf was arrested by the Oakland Police Department, and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession—based on evidence collected six months earlier during a C.H.P. raid on his Occupy2Decolonize encampment, which seeks to redress injustices against native peoples and restore natural law in the face of catastrophic climate change.

RunningWolf was held in Santa Rita Penitentiary for 31 days for a victimless crime, despite Oakland’s Measure Z which makes marijuana possession the lowest law enforcement priority. As a result, he was completely prohibited from operating his campaign—he was prevented from attending four out of five of the mayoral debates, and Berkeley’s annual
Indigenous Peoples' Day event. Furthermore, his representatives were barred from participating in these events on his behalf.