Voters need an alternative to the status quo and I’m it. I'm a Blackfeet Elder, not a politician. I’m a traditional indigenous leader who follows the belief of the seven generations: always asking what our action will mean to those who will arrive on this earth in seven generations. It’s not just what kind of world you are leaving for your children, but what kind of world you are leaving for your children’s great great grandchildren.

     As a long-time resident of Berkeley, coming to the city in 1967, I grew up in South Berkeley in a multi-racial family with adopted parents of European descent and a brother with Japanese and Hawaiian ancestry. I want to see Berkeley be what it always has been: a catalyst for change. My extensive experience in dealing with the university stretches from 1999 during the Ethnic Studies struggle, where the people prevailed, to the recent longest urban tree-sit in U.S. history.

     I also served on the Peace and Justice Commission in 1999, and ran from San Francisco to Philadelphia in 2001 in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal's freedom. I spearheaded the movement to get AC transit to begin a biodiesel pilot program and the name change of Columbus Elementary to Rosa Parks Elementary School. I also sat on the board of directors for the Intertribal Friendship House, helping the native community center out of $385,000 of debt. As before and as I am now, I will continue to work to keep the university accountable and fight for the needs of our community.

- Zachary RunningWolf